New Details Emerge in the Criminal Allegations Against LASD Captain Caught in a Human Trafficking Sting Operation

*UPDATED at 9/15/23, 8:44 AM

Despite the intense stonewalling by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to conceal the information surrounding the investigation and subsequent detainment of a commanding officer, details of the operation are leaking out.

On Saturday, September 9th, department sources reveal that Captain Charles Norris IV, Acting Commander of the Special Operations Bureau, and sources say is one of Luna’s first promotions as Sheriff, was allegedly caught entering a known trafficking location.

Norris was allegedly detained, however, sources say at the time of detainment, no illegal acts could be proven. Norris allegedly used his LASD county issued vehicle to travel to the trafficking location and was allegedly being tracked for almost two months prior.

According to a vague department statement only issued to those who had knowledge of the incident and reached out to the Sheriff’s Information Bureau, a Captain, which we now know to be Norris, was relieved of duty on Monday, September 11th.

It is still unknown who was lead agency on the investigation, however, sources say the FBI was not involved.

Original reports from department sources were that Norris was allegedly meeting a minor male for sex and believe he may have been tipped off by a member of the Special Victims Bureau.

According to sources, Norris’s Stevenson Ranch home was raided on September 11th, by LASD Internal Criminal Affairs Bureau (ICIB).

The Current Report reached out to Communications Director Nicole Nishida to inquire if LASD is the lead on the investigation and to confirm Norris’s home was raided by ICIB.

Nishida did not respond to our request for comment.

When asked if a public statement from Sheriff Luna will be made available on the Sheriff’s Department website, Nishida responded the statement “would only be available to those who inquire”. When further questioned if the statement would be made on official Department communication with Luna’s signature, Nishida responded “No”.

Sheriff Luna has not released a public statement on the matter.

The Los Angeles Times followed The Current Report’s breaking news story on Norris’s detainment with a report on Thursday evening.

This is a developing story and will be updated as new details are made available.

This story was discussed on the new You Tube series “Undercover LA” on The Police Applicant Podcast channel.

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  1. ICIB raided his house which means this case is 100 percent theirs now which also means the lead investigators who had PC to write a warrant of their own, punted the task to ICIB. For that to happen so fast likely means LASD had the lead on the original investigation. Also, ICIB won’t open a criminal investigation on a suspect already under investigation by another department, unless that department asks them to take it. This is likely in-house from the start or a multi jurisdictional investigation. Either way, Luna knows about it and he is using his minions to stonewall.

  2. Please check into the death of Marie Ramona Tamayo,
    Wife of Retired Captain Rufus Tamayo of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department.
    The Captain was in charge of TRAINING BUREAU at the time of “ Mona’s “ death.
    She was Murdered in her own home and her husband “ Called all of his buddies from the department to help him clean up all the evidence “ then they
    “ took one of Mona’s poems and put it under the cookie jar on the kitchen counter and told the responding agencies that it was a Suicide Note “
    There are video tapes and dvd’s with evidence of this murder and its witnesses in the hands of the FBI , U.S. Attorney
    Jennifer Cho, and many other friends and family members of the witnesses.
    Talk to Sergeant Mathew Ronnie , South Pasadena about his experiences listening to Captain Tamayo explain how Mona had committed suicide during at a “ Super School “ class
    Promoting field level officers to the rank of Sergeant. The Capt. Went into length about this supposed Suicide but none of the officers in the class believed him.
    Talk to Chief Ronnie Williams about his experience being in the home of Rufus and Mona Tamayo on the day she died.
    Find out about the Facebook Page “ Justice for civilian nurse Mona Tamayo PVH “ and track down the person(s) responsible for the Murder of Mona Tamayo.
    There are many others in the department that were promoted from deputy to detective to sergeant to lieutenant to captain and as far as commander for helping clean up this MURDER.
    Be careful, they have no bounds as to the extent they will bend their morals and ethics when it comes to Cleaning up the Department’s image .

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