Two Minute Takedown – Supervisor Kathryn Barger, Chief of Staff Anna Mouradian and Transportation Deputy Dave Perry – Ignore Transgender Discrimination, Harassment Under LA Metro’s Phillip Washington

The Culprits: TRUMP CONSERVATIVE L.A County Supervisor Kathryn Barger, Fifth District Chief of staff Anna Mouradian and Fifth District Transportation Deputy Dave Perry.


LA County Supervisor
Kathryn Barger
Fifth District Chief of Staff
Anna Mouradian
Fifth District Transportation Deputy Dave Perry

THE VICTIM:  L.A. Metro Transgender Employee Jess Reynolds

THE EVIDENCE:   Jess Reynolds filed a Lawsuit in the Superior Court Of California  alleging multiple instances of  Transgender discrimination and retaliation and LGBT HATE comments at LA Metro while the Agency was under the supervision of CEO Phillip Washington.

Transgender Discrimination and LBGTQ+ HATE Speech suit filed by Jess Reynolds



MORE EVIDENCE: L.A. County Supervisor Kathryn Barger, Chief of Staff Anna Mouradian and Transportation Deputy Dave Perry knew about the Allegations of Transgender discrimination, retaliation and LBGTQ+ HATE SPEECH and took no action.


Read Receipt from Kathryn Barger
                                                                                                          Read Receipt Anna Mouradian
                                                                                                          Read Receipt Dave Perry


THE TAKEDOWN: Discrimination, retaliation and Hate Speech ran rampant at LA Metro under the leadership of CEO Phillip Washington.  Unfortunately Supervisor Barger (former Chair of the LAC BOS) her Chief of Staff and top Transportation Deputy turned a blind eye while LQBTQ+ employees were harassed, emotionally tortured  and discriminated against at Metro related to gender identity.  Barger knew about the LBGTQ+ discrimination and did nothing to help.   Hello again Germany circa 1940.


Is LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger  a closet extreme RIGHT WING TRUMP RELIGIOUS CONSEVATIVE who believes in LGBTQ+ discrimination?

Will Barger continue to allow harassment and discriminations of the LBGTQ+ community at LA Metro?

Will Barger terminate the employment of Anna Mouradian and Dave Perry for allowing LBTGTQ=  Discrimination at LA Metro to thrive?

Will Barger join LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl in her support of LQGTQ+ discrimination, in an effort to assist in the confirmation of Former LA Metro CEO Phillip Washington as the new CEO of Denver Airport?



Jack London

Jack London is one of the nation’s foremost experts on Government and Public Corruption in the United States. London’s investigative work has launched international corruption investigations. His high-level sources include both Federal Law Agents and Local Law Enforcement leaders across the nation. His most recent high-profile investigations led to building relationships in law enforcement with agents in charge of the Huizar/Chan/Englander corruption task force.
London work has also been used as training material for the Superior Court of California. Look for London’s upcoming stories in MGMG publications which are sure to shake up the LA County establishment of Public Corruption and are poised to make 2021 the year of Public integrity in LA County.

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